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Notes on Masterpiece Academy

Day 1
Would it be better if your perfect match glowed the closer you got to them?
What if you find someone you're interested in, but don't have the same birthmark? How would that work?

Day 2
Would it be better if your perfect match glowed the closer you got to them?
What if you don't like the person you're matched with

Day 3
Is death a domino effect? >>> What are real causes of death?
Broken heart syndrome
Found that in 2013 Harold and Ruth died within 11 hours of each other
Also Helen and Les Brown died a day apart
Maybe there are psychological reasons to death
Most suicides come with psychological issues

What happens after death?
She believes in heaven, purgatory, and hell
Was raised in a religious family
Are there other religions that might help in this question?
There are lots of movies where people die, based on true stories, and they come back to life and talk about what they saw or did while dead
Look into near-death experiences

Day 4
What are the effects of music on the brain?
Math, physics, and learning languages became easier
Music increases dopamine, feel good hormone, in brain
Listening to sad music when sad releases lethargic,
Releases cortisol, helps to regulate stress and Oxytocin - a trust hormone
Musician vs non-musician
Brains are more symmetrical of a musician
Music encourages brain growth
IQ levels rise
Musical therapy
-Used for treatment of Alzheimer's disease and people with depression, dementia, autism
Why did you like music?
As a little kid she would be listening to music all the time like Britney Spears
Plays the Clarinet, trumpet, piano, guitar, some percussion,
Doesn’t want a career in music because her parents worry about whether she’ll make money or not

Why do people hate mondays?
Paloma says it depends on how the weekend went and because it’s a reminder that you have all these things to do
Angel loves Mondays because he does sports and loves to work out
Social media kind of controls your perspective on Mondays because of memes, videos,
Video-guy on a street: complaining is unacceptable be grateful to be living another day
The memes and videos on social media made her think about the different perspectives on Monday

Paradox: Pinocchio's nose
Running and what it taught him
-Likes running now unlike before
-when you do find a passion you can do the impossible
-Kenyans are great runners they mostly do the impossible
Cesar runs marathons
--Runs 6 days a week
Mozart of chess
-played 10 chess players
-wants to play up to 20
“runner's high”
PR 4:39
Started running in high school, sophomore year
Has gotten better, from not placing in JV to placing for Varsity,

Why do we laugh
We laugh because we're having fun
-Compilation videos are his favorite
-laughing is contagious
-laughing is a way to communicate
-Good for you
-increases your lifespan
Changed his question on the big bang to laughing because he was afraid he might offend someone.

Day 5
Why do people get passionate about sports?
Been playing sports all his life
Favorite sport: soccer
Very passionate because his dad always watched it, friends played,
Was inspired by Ronaldinho
Get passionate because they feel part of the team
Team bonding adds to the passion
Lymphatic system is connected to emotions
Dopamine released; endorphins
He mainly likes soccer but watches other sports too
He wants to play college soccer but doesn't think he can make pro
Practices almost everyday

Why hasn't the school system changed and how can we change it?
We spend more money on schools than ever before
Lack of teacher innovation
Performance lower than other countries who spend less
For example Finland
-work on projects with teachers 1-on-1
-do hands-on projects early on
Problem-Parents don't really engage with their students' school life
Most US kids still don't know what they're going to do after high school
Dr. Preston is more hands on

Day 6
What would life be like without having a twin?
She is a twin
Would she be the same person?
Oldest by 40 mins.
Can’t describe what it’s like
Can’t feel each others pain or read each other's minds
Abby is more introverted
-more awkward
-more thoughtful
Gabby is an autodidact (someone who teaches themselves, is independent)
She would be bored
But probably make more friends
Probably be an autodidact because now she relies on sister to teach her
They sometimes finish each other's sentences they get asked that often times

What are strategies to find good items at a thrift store
Vintage is anything classic or retro
A year ago she began thrifting
Inspire by EMC vlogs: a thrifter
Got interested b/c of fashion culture back then
Is interested in the 80s and the 80s style which is coming back
Look at all the racks you never know what you can find like designer clothing
Always look at boys or men's section, cool stuff there
Goodwill has specials on Mondays (student discounts) and Tuesdays has 50 percent off

How do I improve my memory?
Lifestyle: eating habits, healthy nutrition
-exercise, creates neuropathic receptors, running
-meditation or sleep 4-6 hrs of sleep improve performance
-mastering a new skill like an instrument which enlarges hippocampus in brain
Presentation ties into all the presentations

Day 7
Negative issues:
Drug/alcohol abuse
-many teens do it and violence in schools on the rise
-don't like going outside
-watch tv all day
-makes work safer
-might get worse, bad ecosystem
Video Crash Course
-ISIS losing
-war deaths have gone down
-bankruptcies have gone down
-200 million fewer people are in poverty
It all depends on the individual to make a change. The little things matter
She picks up trash sometimes because it bothers her to see it just laying there

What are some ways to relax?
students stressed with school, friends, relationships
Teachers give projects
Yoga helps
Find something you like to do
Like she finds relaxation in dance class
Others do sports, hobbies, exercise
Releases endorphins that make you feel better
More sleep
Meditations and deep breathing
Dopamine and serotonin released through
-music, smiling and laughing produce it in the brain
-laughter helps the immune system

What would the world be like without school?
School: designed to educate people for the future. School provides a learning place, beneficial in finding a career, helps interact with others
Why do some hate it
School is another chore
Many didn't ask for projects, presentations, test
School meant to keep kids out of trouble
More people out on streets
less interaction
Might not find a job or be qualified
Would there still be a way?
-Some may educate themselves online
Some outcomes:
Students might follow in parents' footsteps
less competition
Everybody would have an easy simple job with minimum wage

How can we the next generation carry society
Told by parents
We already have a big burden on our shoulders
Pessimists say we're all gonna die eventually
Adults expect next generation to make the world better, some don't
The World might get better
Ways to prepare
-Working hard to be prepared
Questions asked for adults
-How can you be so hopeful if you doubt it?
-Get a job, don't fall into the wrong crowd
There are idiotic people out there making stupid decisions
Global Warming is a huge concern
-Polar ice caps melting

Day 6
Why do the people we care for the most hurt us and why do we do it too
Us hurting them ends up in them hurting us
Interviewed people about a time when they were most hurt
Most of them said it was someone close
We are often hurt by the people closest to us b/c we are reflected in them and we don't like it, we want to attack the mirror b/c we don't like it
Interviewed a social worker said that
because people we are closest to we have a higher expectation of, the more you expect the more you'll be hurt
The relationship we have with them is their advantage, know what pushes our buttons
Social worker said we forget that we are humans and that we have our own problems

What goes on in the mind of a killer?
Murdered grandparents at 15 years old
Toolbox killers killed women in San Francisco
Donald Henry Gaskins killed hitchhikers and tortured them
Juana Barraza "La Mata abuelas" killed elderly women
Kathleen "The Australian Child Killer" killed her own daughter at 19 years
Men are more likely to be murders
Motives are money, sex, control, enjoyment
Early childhood abuse leads to trauma
What their experiences were depends on it
most don't feel remorse, some do and turn themselves in
Likes watching investigation shows

What am i doing with my life after high school
He doesnt know
-fun life, make videos
Although there is a low chance of being successful
Doesn’t think he’s good at math so he doesn’t consider being an engineer anymore
Can become a game developer - likes Clash Royale
-only need a bachelor's degree and they make 75k a year
Why are games so addicting
You want to beat your high score + reward based system in your mind
Wants to become a game developer
-makes girlfriend play games he likes
conclusion- wants to become a YouTuber, won't work out, go to college, become a game developer, make an addicting game,(Clash Royale) make money off of players
Has tried making videos before
One grade in one class doesnt mean you’re not good at math
He’ll make videos once he has a better camera
Wants to be a comedian too

Why does music sound good to us?
Vibrations go through our ears and then go to our brains where we process them
Brain doesn't just process music, music is more complex
Lots of elements that our brain processes
When we listen to songs we love, it reaches our pleasure part of the brain
When we listen to a sad song, our mood matches to this song
Music and memory - sometimes it's just the memory we have associated with the song
Why do some people like certain music and others like other genres
Associated with your perspective
Music is complex and has many elements, evokes many emotions. nostalgic, vibrations causes our brains to experience pleasure
Music doesn't sound good it just makes us feel good
Likes Rap R&B Pop

Day 9
Why arent we taught important things like taxes, mortgage, and teachers lowly paid
Cool rap video
Has the school system failed us?
Horace Mann created school system 166 years ago
School lunches different around the world (ours is the worst)
Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos lowered wages cut funding for public schools
Feels that Elementary and middle school didnt fail her but  high school did.

What is worse failing or never trying?
What is black when you buy it, red when used, gray when thrown away? Charcoal
-Most are afraid of it
-Most believe success is failure-free
Failure shouldn't be feared, it's an allusion
see as an opportunity to learn
Never trying
Will never know
Always wonder if they would have failed or been successful
Never trying is worse because you will never know what happened

Why do we fear the unknown
If you touch fire, you know you will be burned so it is common fear
Going down a dark hallway, you don't know what could happen, unknown fear
Mind takes shortcuts
Fear in brain
-controlled by piece in the brain, controls senses & hormones
-response to danger is made by fear

Day 10
Why do we dream
Occurs during REM
-quick eye movement
You can't read in dreams and a lot of nightmares happen
Can't remember dreams
-wake up too fast
-recurring dreams can be remembered
-neurological conditions in our brains NRE
Sleep paralysis can be genetic

What is music?
Origins-1400 B.C. first flute by Egyptians
700 BC vocals included in songs
Evolution into Barroque period
Blues grew from African culture
R&B: Brought by African American tradition, strong beat. downbeat
Is it Math?
Pythagoras, created octave scale, Do-Re-Mi-Mo
Circle of fifths
Is it a drug? Dopamine released
Music is an escape for him it saved his life
Sang for us about his dad who was incarcerated

Why do we have trust and give second chances
3 types of trust: self, family, relationship
1st video guy cheated on his girlfriend; lost count
2nd video even if certain people break your trust, you can still take them back
3rd video inspiring.
She chose this question because something in her life going on at the time made her think about this
Trust is hanging on by a thread
-business,school, etc

Monday, May 1, 2017

Facebook is doing right

Facebook is now targeting users who are spreading false information that can be misleading. This is a really good thing because many are mislead by the indentity theft or "catfishing" that often goes on on these sites, which can ruin someones reputation. It is about time these websites are starting to imrove their users experience and safety on these sites. Not only this but fake news as well  which can ve misleading and ahrmful to many. It is relieving to see that not all corporations have no sympathy for their users.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gatsby remix/ notes ch 2 -4

We now know that the reason Nick came from the midwest was because, after fighting in the Great War, he realized that it wasnt for him. Daisy is a distant relative of Nick because they do not have an intimate relationship; they can hang out but cant trust each other. Daisy has an interesting coping strategy where she admits to pretending to be a fool, which shows her very subtle wit. The author also introduces a new setting known as the Valley of ashes. This place is like "fly over country", and the people their are ashy and, to Nick, seem like they're not real people. But Nick notices a "Stout" man which implies a strength and life - a connotation that indirectly characterizes characters like Daisy and Jordan ( a friend of Tom)  who posed for everyone else like statues. This ties back to the time period of this novel where women were "displayed". Tom's lover Myrtle is presented at this point since Tom and Nick are on their way to her house. There the author uses long flowery descriptions to present creative conflict from different perspectives in the same room. This scene ends with Tom punching some lady in the nose. Then, Nick meets Gatsby at one of his extravagant parties that, which also indirectly characterizes Gatsby because he seems to be a caring person since he does everything he can to make his parties a better experience for the guests. Even then, we do not really know much about this man except the fact that people have their own opinions about him - we don't really have a sense of what kind of a person he really is according to his perspective.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

gastby notes/ remix ch.1

The narrator introduces himself as a nonjudgmental kind of guy in a world where people judge you by what you buy and your wealth. This is represented through the unfashionable West Egg neighborhood and the high class people from East Egg who have it all but are still unhappy. The narrator introduces tom Buchanan who is an old college friend from New Haven and represents racism which makes hi man allegorical character. His wife daisy Buchanan is an interesting person given that she pretends to be a fool only to avoid being hurt. She knows she is being cheated on but instead of confronting that she pretends to be a fool. These stuck up people clash with The narrator ,nick , because of his nonjudgmental nature of his.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017

Since January 2016, I've become a lot smarter. I've grown up a lot and I learned how to achieve my goals. I've become a persevering person that doesn't easily give up. Overall, I'm a better person. I am excited to find out what the future has for me.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Essay Final continued

  • Explain how the juxtaposition of this quote with the role of the student addresses intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

The contrast between two completely different lifestyles highlights the fact that students are accustomed to doing something for external rewards rather than doing things intrinsically- or doing things because you enjoy them. 
     Students are raised in an environment where their lives are controlled. This inevitably leads to their lives being so structured like following commands like "Get to class on time, do your homework, stay out of trouble, get good grades" on a daily basis. These people are dehumanized in the sense that they aren't given a sense of reality because in the real world, people do not follow such structured rules; they make choose their own paths and live the way they please to. A poet's task is to do what they feel because they genuinely enjoy it. They have the lucky opportunity of expressing themselves and at the same time "shape the world". These are the people that are the future of the world; the philanthropists in societies across the world that make altruistic choices that change peoples' lives for the better. Students are not given a chance to explore what they truly feel and desire to do which is what truly sets them apart from a poet who gets to act upon intrinsic motivation.
      All in all, the author juxtaposes the different ways of life between a poet and a student to explain the difference between genuine actions and actions that are done to get something in return. It is necessary to understand that students have a more structured life and a poet has a free life. It is natural to then see how intrinsic and extrinsic differentiate when taking into account Rushdie's quote.